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B Sweet Gifts is a vibrant home decor brand that specialise in producing colourful, candles & light up gifts, designed to

Brighten up your day

Our aim is to inspire you to make your room your sanctuary!

We handcraft simple decorative products that have a big impact on transforming your personal space. We believe that when you transform your room, you transform your mood.

Colour, light and fragrance are key elements which can quickly transform your room and elevate your mood. 


We also make beautiful bespoke decorations and gifts for special occasions such as; Weddings, Parties and Corporate events. 


Our candles are hand poured in small batches with a high percentage of fragrance, so that you get a strong long lasting scent with every burn.

We make our candles using natural plant based waxes, such as coconut wax and soy wax. They are vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free, they not only smell good but do good for the environment too.

Our Journey

I’m Bianca the founder of B Sweet Gifts.

I’m a Designer - Maker that has been crafting home decor gifts for over 4 years.

I love decorating my home and making it look beautiful. When I was younger my room was my safe space, I made it my personal space where I could relax, reflect and dream. Today I think that it is more important than ever to have a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Growing up in East London I was surrounded by so much diversity, I wanted to create a home decor - gift brand as colourful and diverse as the people I meet. 

Which is why I have incorporated a variety of different colours and themes with our gifts, so that you can choose to colour coordinate your room to your own individual taste, and customise with personalised labelling.


I officially launched B Sweet gifts in 2019 after years of perfecting my craft and trading at market stalls and events. We are currently trading at local pop up stalls across East London and have been hosting fun and informative candle making workshops.