How to get your room ready for spring

Spring is here again. It's that time we take ourselves to enjoy the sunshine and celebrate new beginnings. It's an opportunity to go through some spring cleaning and get things in order. Keeping your room in order can help you to stay calm and relaxed at home. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your room for Spring.

Let's get organised

How to declutter your room...

Tidy the wardrobe

A room that is disorganised can feel cramped and cluttered.

It's time to declutter the dreaded wardrobe... See if there is anything that doesn't need to be in there or clothes you no longer wear. If there are any items of clothing you no longer want, you can donate it to a charity of your choice. Make some use of your clothing, don't just throw it away, unless it's damaged.

Organise your draws

A clean drawer is a calm mind. Imagine not having to swarm through lots of clothing to find what you want. It's less frustrating right?

Take all the items out of the drawer and declutter any clothes you no longer need. After that, group items by category e.g. T-shirts, trousers, socks, then use a Drawer organiser to separate the items. Make sure you don’t fold bulky items, since it will take up most of the space, instead put them in the wardrobe.

Find places for loose items

Any desk or nightstand in your bedroom that is full of papers or letters, organise them into folders with labels. Your room will feel more like a sanctuary and less like a work space. If there is somewhere you can place essential items, use your bookshelf. You don't have to use your bookshelf for books only, you can use it for more effective purposes such as baskets to store folders or other loose items. You can even place decorations and photos in the bookshelf as well, to make it look beautiful. If you have no bookshelf, use a decorative stationery box instead to place essential items.

Take out the trash

This tip is very simple - Don't leave rubbish around the room.

Empty cans, cups or even plates can be put in the bin or in the sink. Also open the window more often, this will allow unpleasant smells to leave and make space for fresh air to come in.

Add a touch of colour

How to use colours...

Pastel colours are perfect for representing the vibrance of spring, you can simply add these colours into your furnishings and accessories...

  • Red symbolises passion and romance while a soft Pink would give a feminine and playful touch.

  • Blue symbolise stability and can make you feel relaxed and soothed.

  • White symbolises purity and can add balance when used with bolder colours.

Using more than one colour can help create contrast and add tone.

White goes with just about everything, so you can mix it with pastel pink or blue. If you have white bedding use pink cushions to give it a cute and playful look.

La Redoute

You can use white bedding and red cushions to set a romantic mood for you and your partner. To add that spring theme, look for floral duvet covers.


At B Sweet Gifts we have a selection of Floral fairy lights that can be used around your bedpost or bookshelf to make it feel warm and cosy. Maybe you can place some around your mirror or in a small vase.

Use your imagination and make it according to your style.

Finish with Spring Fragrances

Fragrances can set the mood when you enter your room.


Lavender which actually is a flower that appears earlier in springtime, is a scent that relaxes the body to sleep, reduces stress and even repels moths and flies. Try our Luscious lavender scented candle.


Since it's the time when chocolate Easter eggs are being sold out, why not have a special chocolate candle for yourself? Don't just eat chocolate, let it radiate around the room as well. Our chocolate scented candle is perfect for any chocolate lover.


Rose, which can set a romantic mood is a soothing scent that can be very useful on date nights try our Red Rose candle.

Our Floral Fuchsia Jar candle has one of my favourite scents, as it gives off a sweet and playful fragrance. Try this candle when you want to uplift your mood.

Overall, these tips will certainly transform your room to a spring sanctuary. Make sure your room is organised and clean before you start add decorations. Use pastel colours and floral fragrances to give your room a finishing touch.

If you found these tips useful please like and share.

Happy spring cleaning and decorating!

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