How to make your candle last longer?

It’s not easy making sure your candle lasts for long. Of course candles are meant to be melted, but we’ve got some tips to help your candle to last even longer.


Don’t, I repeat don’t keep your candle burning in a draughty area. Firstly, it quickens the candles lifespan which means that you will soon have to repurchase a new one.

Trim your wick

Did you know that the more longer the wick the more quicker the candle burns. So make sure to trim your wick before you light it. This also helps to stop black smoke from occurring.

Avoid having your candles dip

When you first burn it, do it for at least 2 hours. This allows the top layer of wax to melt completely, which allows the candle to burn evenly when you next burn it.

Your candle blowing timing

Yes, there is a technique to this. The timing of when you blow out your candle can affect how long your candle lasts. Make sure to blow out the candle when the liquid wax covers the surface of the candle.

Freeze it!

Lightly freezing your candle keeps it burning for twice as long. Make sure not to keep it in too long or it may crack.

No sun!

Make sure to store your candles out of the sunlight. Keep it in a cool and dry space, this helps to prevent fading and warping.

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