Scents for your moods

Feeling down?, or in need of an energy boost? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted! Keep reading to find out the different scents which can boost your mood.

RELAX! Take it eassssy! - Lavender

Need a scent that will help you to relax?, Lavender is the one for you. The soothing and calming effects make lavender the perfect scent for you to wind down after a long hard day of work with.

Time to refresh! - Fuchsia

Fuchsia the scent for you if you need something to refresh your day. It is light and revitalising, with delicate floral notes.

Mood: Joy - Vanilla

Elevate your mood with a vanilla scent. Vanilla provides both calming and respiratory properties. It’s definitely one to add some joy to your mood.

Recharge - Sea Breeze

Bring your favourite beach memories to your living room with a sea salt scent. It is both relaxing, fresh and cool. Great for calming your mood.

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